The Porte Noire traces its history back to the 16th century, with its subterranean vaulted ceilings, a water well and vintage icebox. In fact, this enchanting tavern once served as a kitchen for the nuns of the Alexien Convent.

Long abandoned after the nuns' departure, the cellar was finally restored in 1995 and converted into what has become one of Brussels' most popular beer and whisky taverns. Its fine choice of beverages, knowledgeable barmen, and medieval atmosphere give the tavern a truly Celtic feel. No wonder the tavern's three central rooms have hosted so many memorable Saint Patrick's Day parties.

Of course, just about any occasion is a good reason to celebrate at the Porte Noire…and hardly a week goes by without live music, whisky tasting or a night of serious partying.

So push the door, walk down the stairs, and discover 100 exceptional Belgian beers, 11 taps, 80 fine brands of whisky, friendly barmen, rock and roots, and a decidedly relaxed ambience-all in an unforgettable Celtic setting!

67, rue des Alexiens
1000 Brussels
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